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You deserve some relaxation, recuperation, and rejuvenation. Massage therapy is a type of massage specifically tailored to generate a restorative experience. Massage therapy can be used as a mechanism for relaxation or it can be used to help rehabilitate after injury or trauma.


Offering Massage Therapy in a Medical Spa Environment to the Twin Cities

Massage therapy is often prescribed along with physical therapy in order to ensure optimum results during a recovery.

And yet, massage therapy can also be used to help rejuvenate after more day-to-day stresses and strains. This makes massage therapy a particularly popular and powerful addition to the services available from Minneapolis Skin Clinic. By applying our high standard of care and compassion to massage therapy in Minneapolis (and the Twin Cities more broadly), we’re confident that can have a positive impact on many of our patients who seek out this treatment.

Am I a Good Candidate for Massage Therapy?

Generally, patients will come to Minneapolis Skin Clinic for one of two reasons: rehabilitation or relaxation (often both). Massage therapy may be an appropriate course of action if you:

  • Have been prescribed massage therapy as part of a physical therapy regimen
  • Have soreness in your muscles or back
  • Have posture problems
  • Cope with a high amount of stress
  • Are looking for relaxation
  • Are looking for rejuvenation
  • Have periodic headaches
  • Have chronic back pain
  • Have tense muscles

Benefits of Massage Therapy

As mentioned above, massage therapy provides benefits to many patients, both on a day-to-day basis and on a recovery basis. Those benefits include the following:

  • Improving Circulation: Poor circulation can lead to any number of difficulties, including feeling fatigued easily and the loss of sensitivity. Therapeutic massage can improve circulation, allowing more blood and oxygen to reach your muscles.
  • Lowering Blood Pressure: As with any relaxing activity, massage therapy can lower your blood pressure over the short term simply because you feel at ease. But improving blood flow will also improve your blood pressure over the long term—and that improved blood pressure will grant many health benefits.
  • Eases Muscle Pain: It should come as no surprise that massage therapy often helps ease muscle pain. But many patients aren’t aware of how much pain they’re in until they suddenly feel better. Often, muscle pain builds slowly, and it’s only after relaxation commences that we realize how much better we feel. Massage therapy helps that happen.
  • Enhances Recovery Post-Surgery: Patients have surgery for a wide variety of reasons, including elective plastic surgery of the sort available from Dr. Gervais and Dr. Tholen at Minneapolis Plastic Surgery. Massage therapy helps deliver blood and oxygen to recovering areas of the body, mitigating scar visibility and promoting healing.
  • Stress Relief: Among the chief benefits of massage therapy is often the relief of stress. After all, stress can cause a great deal of damage to your body over time, leading to pain, high blood pressure, and immune system deficiencies. The stress relief you can get from massage therapy does your body so much good!

There are, of course, many more benefits to massage therapy. To find out more, schedule a consultation today.

Offering Excellent Massage Therapy in the Twin Cities

At Minneapolis Skin Clinic, we believe in offering the best that a medical spa and clinic can provide. In that spirit, we’re thrilled to be adding massage therapy to our list of services. Our massage therapist, Leslie Weber, has over fourteen years of experience and has treated patients of every age. She also has experience providing massage therapy at a wide variety of venues, from homecare to chiropractic clinics. Leslie is a wonderful addition to the team here at Carillon and the expertise and experience she brings to our massage therapy services will be a boon for all of our Twin Cities and Minneapolis patients.

We have created a tranquil, relaxing environment for you at Minneapolis Skin Clinic, and we believe that massage therapy services will only enhance the rejuvenation and renewal that we offer through other procedures. Remember that a massage, even a therapeutic massage, is all about you and your relaxation. You will be given time to consult with your massage therapist before the massage begins, so you can articulate any problem areas or preferences for the therapist to treat.

To schedule your massage therapy session, contact Minneapolis Skin Clinic to set up a free consultation!

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