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Popular Cosmetic Procedures

Over the past few years, cosmetic surgery and cosmetic procedures have become fairly ubiquitous. Nonsurgical procedures such as Botox injections, dermabrasion, laser hair removal, and microneedling have generated excellent results for a wide variety of patients who find the more intensive and invasive surgical procedures impossible, unappealing, or ill-fitting. Additionally, many nonsurgical cosmetic procedures offer a degree of instant gratification—immediate results with minimal downtime, even if those results can be less potent and more fleeting than their surgical counterparts.

But because these nonsurgical procedures are, by definition, less invasive and carry fewer risks, the regulations and rules set forth by governing bodies are less exacting. To a certain degree, this is logical, as there are plenty of good arguments that regulation and oversight should exist only in direct proportion to potential risk. However, in the case of cosmetic surgery and cosmetic procedures, this lack of regulatory infrastructure has led to a proliferation of often poorly-trained operators offering a wide variety of procedures, making it difficult for patients to make an informed choice when it comes to getting the best results from a given procedure or provider.

Prioritize Training and Expertise

That’s why Carillon Clinic believes so strongly in doing everything the right way—not the easiest way. For example, some medical spas put their technicians through only two days of training before allowing them to perform laser procedures on patients. These technicians are not required to have any certification in either the healthcare or beauty fields—just a brief training course. This may be enough instruction to use the device safely, but we question whether two weeks (or even two weeks) of training is enough to truly understand the use of these devices and the biophysical effects they have on tissue. Indeed, at some spas, Cosmetologists–with little more than ten days of specialized skin-focused curriculum—are allowed to perform skincare.

At Carillon Clinic, our staff has trained for years on every procedure, and we are overseen by two board-certified plastic surgeons with decades of experience. We believe training and experience are vital keys not only to safe procedures, but also to ensuring you get the results you desire. The human body is an incredibly complex organism, from the epidermis (that’s your skin, which, interestingly, is the largest organ in your body and covers a surface area of roughly 21 square feet) to the smallest microbe in your intestine (the composition of microbes in your gut can influence the way you think, among other things).

To secure the greatest chance of seeing your best results, your needs should be handled by a staff that appreciates this complexity—a staff whose training and experience have been recognized by accrediting bodies and plastic surgeons alike. Every Aesthetician at Carillon Clinic undergoes rigorous training, spending a minimum of six months learning about the science of the skin before they are allowed to perform any skin procedures. In fact, all of our Aestheticians are licensed by the state of Minnesota in Esthiology.

Botox, For Example

Even a procedure that seems simple—Botox injections, for example—has a rather complex process that must be followed to ensure best results. To the novice, it might seem like we just find a couple of wrinkles and plunge that needle in. But selecting viable targets for Botox Injections takes a trained and experienced eye, as does determining how many units of Botox will effectively dampen the wrinkle without damaging normal facial animation. In fact, Botox requires thoughtful targeting specifically because it operates by interfering with the muscles responsible for the contraction that causes the wrinkle in question, so selecting which muscle group to interfere with requires in-depth knowledge of anatomy.

And even a procedure as simple as an injection can have side effects. There can be bruising around the injection point and, in rare cases, other side effects can occur. There are also individuals who should not use Botox, including women who are pregnant or nursing or patients with known allergies to human albumin. Without a robust intake system, some of this information may fall through the cracks, leaving patients at risk. Because Carillon Clinic is deeply committed to the medical ethics of our practice, we take all of these responsibilities quite seriously.

In fact, it’s why every staff member at Carillon Clinic gets extensive training. As we mentioned, all Aestheticians spend at least six months studying the skin and the science of the skin—and the reason is because even procedures that seem simple require some fundamental understanding of the local anatomy, whether that’s the skin of the forehead or the muscle framework responsible for a frown. This understanding helps us provide patients with superior results. Ongoing training seminars and teaching courses keep enhancing those skills.

An Eye Towards Comfort

Unfortunately, too many so-called medspas seem a bit too eager to cash in on their patients, relying not on training and experience, but fad or over-hyped “technology” and beauty products chosen to generate cash flow rather than results. It’s a profitable short-term tactic, but—as evidenced by the recent rash of bankruptcies and closures of nationwide laser or skincare facilities—can be unsustainable as a long-term strategy. At Carillon Clinic, we’ve found that approaching cosmetic techniques as a medical science—rather than beauty product—has led to satisfaction for our patients and, thus, longevity of our business. Established in 1997 as a sister corporation owned and operated by the board-certified plastic surgeons at Minneapolis Plastic Surgery, Carillon Clinic, Ltd. has nearly two decades of experience helping patients look more youthful.

The simple truth is that patients who see superior results, who experience less pain and fewer side effects, are more likely to return and create repeat business. So we find that it makes good sense not only for our patients but also for our business to ensure that patients receive care from only highly-qualified individuals with years of experience.

This doesn’t mean we turn a blind eye to patient comfort. In fact, at Carillon Clinic, we strive to create a comforting, spa-like atmosphere because we know it puts patients at ease. We develop relationships with our patients, partly because Carillon Clinic is locally owned and operated—we’re not part of a big, nationwide franchise where our patients are little more than numbers. At Carillon Clinic, we put the emphasis on the transformation of patients and helping them achieve the youthful look they desire.

By offering a wide variety of cosmetic procedures in a medically robust environment, we believe we can achieve superior results for our patients. It may not be trendy, and it may not be flashy, but at Carillon Clinic, we’re not terribly interested in those things. We prefer to focus on providing the best, scientifically sound treatments for our patients so that we can generate fantastic results. This mindset doesn’t just keep our patients coming back, but it also keeps our staff around.

At Carillon Clinic, we value the experience of our staff because we know that it enhances the results of our patients. As of today, our average staff member has 6.5 years of experience just at Carillon. If you look at experience in the aesthetics field, that number rises to fifteen years of experience helping patients achieve a more youthful, rejuvenated look. There’s just no way two weeks of training can compete with that, and we believe it shows in the results we produce.

How Do I Know?

There are several ways you can spot a reputable and qualified cosmetic surgery and cosmetic procedure provider. Consider the following when making your decision:

  • Is the Clinic accredited? Are the surgeons who oversee the clinic board certified plastic surgeons?
  • Most reputable clinics will offer a free consultation. During this consultation, feel free to ask questions about the procedure you’re considering, gathering as much information as possible
  • Investigate the clinic or its plastic surgeons on social media and community websites, such as Real Self or Google Plus.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask about the equipment and medical devices the clinic may employ—including more mundane medical equipment such as blood pressure monitors.
  • Don’t reserve your questions only for the plastic surgeons. Ask the staff, especially those operating medical devices, your questions as well. This will help you gage the entire staff’s level of expertise
  • Will you be treated by a Cosmetologist or by a state-licensed Esthiologist?
  • You might also ask innocent questions, such as, “How difficult is it to become a (fill in the blank).” If the staff member answers, “Oh, it was easy,” or some variation, you might want to reconsider the establishment.

Wherever you choose to have your cosmetic procedure performed, we want to make sure that you get great treatment and superior results. Of course, the best way for us at Carillon Clinic to ensure those results is to encourage you to call or visit and to help you schedule a confidential, free consultation. During this consultation, we’ll discuss your desired results and the best way to help you achieve them.

Contact Carillon Clinic, Ltd. at 763-540-1837 (Golden Valley) or 763-494-9939 (Maple Grove).


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