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Calling All #GirlBosses

Goal setting, networking, meetings, interviews, deadlines, promotions, side hustles. The struggle is real! There’s a lot to being a #girlboss these days, and it can wreak havoc on your skin, mind, body and emotions. Whether you’ve got the work-hard-play-hard mentality, your sights set on the next big move, or you’re just simply burning the candle at both ends, it’s important to slow down and take time for yourself. We’ve got tips and tricks for keeping you healthy and happy so you can put your best foot forward!


Do's and Don'ts for Managing Stress

  • Do drink water, water, water. Studies show we need to be drinking half our weight in ounces of water each day. For many, this is a hard one to do, but being adequately hydrated plays a huge role in our physical and mental health. When well-hydrated, our minds are sharper, our skin clearer and our body is less fatigued. If you can’t bring yourself to drink just water, try adding Nuun tablets for a little flavoring and extra nutrients, or consider mixing things up with different fruits and veggies each day, like lemon and cucumber, strawberry and basil, orange and carrot, and more!
  • Don’t disregard your biggest organ. Skin is the biggest organ, and often goes overlooked or reprioritized in times of stress. But skin can provide the earliest signs of stress and health concerns! If it’s been awhile since you’ve updated your skincare regimen, we recommend taking a critical look at things. First, throw out old products. They harbor bacteria, and overtime ingredients can degrade. Second, get a free skin consultation from a licensed professional. They can work with you to identify your skin concerns, and then provide recommendations on the best products to use in your regimen. And finally, start enjoying your morning and evening routines! Consider this your personal pampering. Slow down, light a candle, listen to some music. Let this be your own self care each and every day.
  • Do enlist the help of professionals for periodic treatments and services. Sometimes we just need a little extra help. Treatments like the hydrafacial are great for relieving stress, encouraging cell regeneration and rehydrating skin. Or Botox can help relieve strain if you have constant stress headaches. Clinical masks, peels and injectables can provide needed relief and can re-energize lackluster and stressed skin. If you’re feeling this way, call us for a consultation and we can help pinpoint your pain points and create a custom treatment plan for free!
  • Don’t be tethered to your phone before bedtime. Smartphones emit blue light, which keeps our minds buzzing and awake, and can lead to interrupted or delayed sleep cycles. Did you also know that blue light rays from tech devices can damage skin and eyes? Make sure you’re choosing an SPF with proper sun protection as well as blue light protection to avoid skin damage!
  • Do something that makes you happy. Women seem to have a harder time choosing hobbies. It could be that our plates are full, we’re constantly thinking about work or family or home, or that we just don’t have time to fully master a new hobby. Whatever the reason, it’s important to find activities outside of work, home and family, that make you happy and can serve as your outlet to recharge and relax. And allowing ourselves to just enjoy the practice instead of needing to master it is a good lesson in balance. If you’re stuck trying something you’ve never done before like gardening, skiing or skeet shooting – you may discover a new passion! And if you feel like you’re wasting time, perhaps a hobby that can make you money on the side is a good option, like stock photography, maple tapping, baking or shopping for antiques.

Feature Spotlight: Friend Referrals

Birds of a feather flock together, so the old adage goes. Well that may be correct, but we just think pampering with friends is twice as fun! If you’re loving your treatments at Minneapolis Skin Clinic, let your friends know! For each new referral that mentions your name, you and your friend will both receive $50 off a $100 treatment! So start telling all your friends and rack up some serious treatment discounts!


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