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Skincare Travel Tips

Long flights and dry cabin air, less water and more cocktails...these small changes can have a big impact on your skin's health and hydration. Keep your skin glowing and hydrated wherever you go with our skincare travel tips.


Pre-Flight Skincare Tips

Our pre-flight tips are designed to give you optimal hydration, so your skin can relax and stay hydrated onboard the long flight.
1. Apply skincare before boarding. Despite popular belief, if you wait to apply your routine onboard, its already too late. The dry, recirculated air will suck out any moisture you’ve just applied, giving your skin no time to absorb the vital hydration.
2. Use a hydrating serum. Specifically choose a serum that contains hyaluronic acid, which is proven to help your skin retain and absorb hydration better. SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 gel serum is a great option.
3. Apply a thick moisturizer. Applying a heavy moisturizer after a hydrating serum will help lock in your skin’s moisture, providing a hydrating barrier while you travel. The Mpls Skin Clinic Restorative Therapy Cream is an excellent, hydrating option.
4. Get a Hydrafacial treatment. This is a great way to exfoliate your skin, remove impurities and load your skin up with hydration. Schedule a Hydrafacial the morning of your flight and you’ll be ready to go!
5. Don’t skip the SPF! This is important! Flying means you’re closer to the sun and higher altitudes means thinner ozone protection. Apply a reliable SPF to ensure you’re protected from UVA and UVB rays in-flight! If you’d like to boost your SPF game, visit our sample bar to choose your favorite!

In-Flight Skincare Tips

If you proactively primed and prepped your face before your flight, there’s very little you need or should do while on the flight. But these tips will help ensure a comfortable, relaxed travel experience.
1. Use Obagi Cleansing Wipes to clean your seat. These wipes are convenient to travel with, and are a must for any flight. Before you get settled into your seat, wipe down all surfaces to eliminate bacteria, grime, and worse. Don’t forget your headrest area, all sides of your tray, armrests, and any surfaces you’ll be touching.
2. Drink water! Ideally you should be consuming extra water in the days leading up to your flight to ramp up your body’s hydration. Then aboard the flight, opt for water instead of cocktails, or alternate if needed. Drinking water onboard is a good start to replenishing all your body’s moisture that will be lost while flying.
3. Point fans away from your face. Not only is the recirculated air on planes much dryer than household air, but it also contains higher counts of bacteria. Pointing the fans away from your face will keep your face – and sinuses – from drying out quicker.
4. Don’t touch your face. We touch our face 23 times an hour! Make a conscious effort to avoid touching your face on planes, especially with dirty hands. (You don’t want the grime and bacteria from the plane’s surfaces ending up in your pores!) You can also pack a small container of anti-bac as an added precaution.
5. Pack hydrating snacks. If traveling domestically, this is a lot easier to do. Pack snacks that are higher in water such as carrots and celery (with a small container of hummus), or an apple (with some nut butter). Snacks on planes are loaded with salt and sodium, which only contributes to your body’s dehydration.
6. Reapply lip balm and face oil only. Keep a hydrating SPF lip balm on hand and reapply liberally throughout the flight to avoid chapped lips. If you can’t resist the urge to hydrate your skin while mid-flight, consider a face oil. Face oils won’t evaporate as easily from the dry air, so they’ll give you a little more bang for your buck. Before applying, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, to avoid transferring any extra bacteria to your face.
7. Relax with eye gels. If you need to catch a few winks, you can start unwinding with relaxing eye gels. Apply the eye gels under your eyes/above your cheeks, recline your seat and start focusing on your breathing. You can even put a little drop of lavender essential oil underneath your nose to help calm your body as you drift off. Check out Revision Skincare’s new eye gels!

Post-Flight Skincare Tips

You made it to your destination! Although you may be exhausted from hauling bags and jetlagged from timezone changes, now is not the time to skimp on your skincare routine.
1. Cleanse face thoroughly. As soon as you arrive at your hotel, bust out your cleanser. We also recommend bringing a physical or chemical exfoliant to help get rid of dead skin cells and dry skin.
2. Apply a hydrating gel masque. This will help bring instant hydration back to your skin, as your body recovers from lost moisture. Try SkinCeuticals Hydrating Masque!
3. Maintain a normal skincare routine. Now is not the time to try new products, or pare down your routine. Although it can be a hassle to bring your entire skincare regimen, your skin – and selfies – will thank you! If you want to travel lighter, score some 2 ounce GoToobs from Amazon to pare down your skincare packaging.
4. Apply SPF! Just because you’re out in the sun, cruising down the slopes, or exploring the sites doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be protected! Apply sunscreen and reapply every couple hours. You can also consider some products that do double duty, such as Mpls Skin tinted SPF coverage that both conceals and protects.
5. Mist AntiOx Spray to stay fresh. Our AntiOx Spray is a traveler favorite. The antioxidants help keep skin hydrated while preventing signs of aging, and the spray is a welcomed refresher midday.


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