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Laser Hair Removal

Hair is one of those uncomfortable truths we have to face nearly every day. And shaving (or waxing) can become a truly Sisyphean task: we finally get everything nice and smooth, but our skin is prickly by the end of the day. That means we’re doomed to start the process all over again. Laser Hair Removal is a solution for many patients who want smooth skin!


Offering Laser Hair Removal in the Twin Cities

Shaving may be the fastest way to reduce unwanted hair, but waxing generally yields smoother results. However, neither technique can actually stop the growing of hair, leading to that vicious cycle of hair maintenance and countless Friday nights in pursuit of smooth legs.

No matter what area of the body you’d like smooth, razors and waxing can only get you so far and help you for so long. If you want smooth skin that will last without the need to shave or wax, set your sights on Laser Hair Removal at Minneapolis Skin Clinic. As a leader in Laser Hair Removal in the Twin Cities for nearly two decades, Minneapolis Skin Clinic has the staff and technology to help bring you great results, whether you’re looking to smooth out your legs, underarms, or bikini area. In fact, a full bikini hair removal, sometimes referred to as a Brazilian, is a very popular treatment at Minneapolis Anti Aging and Skin Clinic, where our professional clinic setting will help put you at ease.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

It might seem like science fiction, but there’s much more fact than fantasy when it comes to laser hair removal treatments at Minneapolis Skin Clinic. This procedure uses a laser beam that penetrates beneath the skin to affect the “bulge” of the hair follicle. This bulge is basically the engine that drives hair follicle growth, and by damaging the bulge, we’re able to mitigate hair growth. The laser itself generates an intense amount of energy, but because this energy is directed at the hair follicle, the procedure is usually low on the discomfort scale.

Some patients have reported some minimal discomfort, described as a feeling like rubber band snaps. The automated cooling built into the laser helps diminish this discomfort, and topical numbing agents are also available to ensure your comfort (though the use of such agents should be discussed during your initial consultation). Because hair grows in stages, it may take between 4-8 laser hair removal sessions to achieve optimal results. It should also be noted that Minneapolis Anti Aging and Skin Clinic’s Candela laser system is not equally effective on all hair colors—white, gray, or very blond hair may have difficulty achieving desired results.

To optimize the efficiency and productivity of the laser, your hair should be shaved within 24 hours prior to the procedure.

Am I a Good Candidate for Laser Hair Removal in Minneapolis?

Laser hair removal is a wonderful option for those looking to ditch the razor and wax paper. While it works for many patients, it’s not the best option for everybody. We look for the following characteristics in our laser hair removal candidates:

  • The desire to remove hair
  • Darker hair pigment
  • You have limited waxing, plucking, or electrolysis for up to six weeks before your treatment
  • You have avoided sun exposure for up to six weeks before treatment
  • Realistic expectations regarding what laser hair removal can accomplish
  • You are comfortable with permanent hair loss in the targeted area

During your consultation, you will discuss your desired results with the discreet staff at the clinic. It should also be noted that laser hair removal is a medical procedure—it’s not a quick zap. As such, it’s important to emphasize that the staff at Minneapolis Skin Clinic are highly trained in this procedure. Getting your laser hair removal without the benefit of trained staff can result in damage to the skin (most often in the form of unpleasant burns).

Laser Hair Removal Results

It may be several weeks before you see results, as hair grows in stages. However, after several treatments, you should begin to notice thinning of your hair in the targeted areas (depending on your initial hair thickness, of course). The number of treatments required to achieve your optimal results will depend on the pigment not only in the hair itself, but also in your skin to some degree. Indeed, laser hair removal is most effective on light to medium skin tones and medium to dark hair pigmentation. You should also avoid intense sun exposure for up to six weeks after treatment. Additionally, for a day or two after the treatment, your skin may look and feel as though it is sunburned.

Most patients require several treatments to address the hairs in the appropriate growth phase to achieve optimal results. Maintenance sessions may also be required later. You can generally schedule these treatments 4-5 weeks apart, depending on how quickly your hair grows. However, once the procedure is finished, you should be able to enjoy smooth, mostly hairless skin—and you’ll be able to say goodbye to the razors and wax paper for quite some time. This is especially beneficial when it comes to areas that are difficult to shave (a hairy back, for example), have a large surface area (the legs), or are particularly sensitive (the bikini area).

The laser hair removal experts at Minneapolis Skin Clinic are highly trained and have been performing laser hair removal in Minneapolis since 1997. We’ve seen all the fads and new devices come and go. We use the Candela laser system because it works and is scientifically sound, and our experienced staff knows how to get great results. So if you’re thinking about a laser hair removal procedure—for any part of your body—contact Minneapolis Anti Aging and Skin Clinic today to get started right away.

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

The cost of laser hair removal can vary greatly, as it depends on the amount of surface area covered by the procedure, as well as by the total number of procedures needed to generate optimal results.

 Area Treatment
 Lip  $122.40
 Chin  $122.40
 Lip & Chin  $178.50
 Cheeks  $178.50
 Neck (Front or Back)  $122.40
 Full Face & Neck  $448.80
 Chest  $249.90
 Abdomen  $249.90
 Chest & Abdomen  $448.80
 Half-Abdomen: 5×5 Area  $122.40
 Bikini Line  $122.40
 Full Bikini  $229.50
 Back & Shoulders  $535.50
 Back, Shoulders, & Neck  $612.00
 Buttocks  $249.90
 Areola  $61.20
 Underarms  $122.40
 Upper Arms  $229.50
 Forearms  $229.50
 Full Arms  $433.50
 Full Arms & Underarms  $459.00
 Thighs  $459.00
 Lower Legs  $346.80
 Full Legs  $663.00

Individual results may vary.


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