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As you age, your body can begin to develop cellulite. Many people have a negative view of cellulite, and it’s not uncommon for our patients to comment on feelings of discomfort associated with the look of cellulite. Treating cellulite, then, is a high priority for many of the patients that come to the Minneapolis Anti Aging and Skin Clinic.


Reduce Visible Cellulite

As one of the best cellulite treatments on the market today, Endermologie is the tool of choice at Minneapolis Anti Aging and Skin Clinic. This device uses several methods to break up the fat cells that cause cellulite, leaving most patients with smoother, more youthful looking skin.

Cellulite can be difficult to treat. Over the counter and “as seen on TV” remedies offer little in the way of tangible results. So if you want to discuss the most effective way for you to temporarily eliminate cellulite, contact the specialists at Minneapolis Skin Clinic to schedule a confidential consultation!

Am I a Good Candidate for Endermologie?

Because Endermologie treats a widely known issue and because it is a non-invasive treatment, many people are able to benefit from the procedure. We find that many of our Endermologie candidates share similar characteristics or desires, many of which include the following:

  • Areas of cellulite that cause discomfort or self-conscious feelings
  • Areas of cellulite that do not respond to diet and exercise
  • The desire to temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite or more permanently with our maintenance program
  • The desire to enjoy smooth looking skin
  • The desire to eliminate the influence of cellulite in choosing one’s wardrobe (in other words, the desire to wear what you want)
  • Relatively healthy and of a relatively stable weight
  • Realistic expectations about what this procedure can accomplish

The best way to determine if you are a good candidate for an Endermologie treatment at Twin Cities-based Minneapolis Skin Clinic is to schedule a consultation with one of our highly qualified medical professionals. We’ll be able to answer all of your questions and address any concerns you might have about this procedure.

How Much Does Endermologie Cost?

  • $150 single sessions
  • 10 sessions $1275
  • 15 sessions $1800

*any first time pkg of 10 or 15 will come with a FREE Endermologie suit ($60 value).

What Causes Cellulite?

To truly understand how Endermologie works, it helps to understand what Cellulite is and how it forms. All throughout your body, there is connective tissue. When fat deposits get trapped between this connective tissue and push up against the skin, it creates the unique pattern that we immediately recognize as cellulite.

Because the fat deposits are constrained by and pushed up against the skin by all this connective tissue, it forms that distinct rippling effect. This can vary in severity from patient to patient, depending on a few different criteria, including just how swollen those fat cells get. While both men and women can develop cellulite, over 90% of women will likely be affected by cellulite at some point in their lives.

In terms of what causes cellulite to develop in the first place, scientists have so far been unable to determine a single root cause. However, some factors may include lifestyle issues (such as smoking), carbohydrate-rich diets, and genetic and hormonal factors.

Whatever causes your cellulite, you do not have to suffer with it if you want smoother skin. Cellulite treatments can help mitigate this dimpled skin, transforming your arms or legs or other affected area into a younger looking version!

How Does Endermologie Work?

There are many cellulite treatments that get marginal or unsatisfactory results, but Endermologie is a procedure that often works. This is because Endermologie actually combines several techniques in order to achieve the best possible results.

During the procedure, a Minneapolis Skin Clinic team member will use a device that consists of a suction element and a massage element (two rollers). The massage elements combined with the suction element serve to stretch and pull the skin, breaking up the fat and encouraging blood flow to your deep tissues.

Effectively, the fat cells are encouraged to move out of the “net” formed by your connective tissues (which also loosen), releasing the deposits of fat that cause cellulite in the first place. Most pateints report that the experience is both rejuvenating and relaxing—much like getting a deep tissue massage.

It may take several sessions in order to get the ideal results. Patients can usually expect to undergo roughly 2 sessions a week for 5-10 weeks. Each session lasts roughly 35 minutes.

No Recovery Time

Because Endermologie is a non-invasive procedure, there is no recovery time involved with this treatment. You can be back to your daily routine as soon as you leave the office! Some patients with sensitive skin may notice slight bruising, but in the event that does develop it will usually pass quite quickly.

Endermologie Results

Results will typically last for around 60 days, depending on the treated area. Patients who like their results and want to maintain those results can schedule maintenance sessions in order to ensure their cellulite stays gone! Some patients are able to stretch their results with healthy lifestyle practices. We encourage all of our patients to stay hydrated and keep their skin safe from ultraviolet radiation! (In other words, wear sunscreen.)

Patients who undergo Endermologie treatments often comment on how much they love the smoothness of their skin and the radiant, youthful glow that comes with it. If you want to diminish cellulite, Endermologie is an incredibly effective tool to help you feel fit, young, and confident.

Contact Minneapolis Skin Clinic in Golden Valley to schedule a confidential consultation and get your cellulite treatment process started. Your transformation could be just a session or two away!

*currently offered in our Golden Valley location only. 763-540-1837

Individual results may vary.


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