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As we age, our skin loses volume. This is due to a simple combination of gravity and loss of elasticity in the skin. Over time, this loss of volume can form lines and wrinkles in the skin, causing patients to look a little bit older than they feel. When this happens, Voluma is a fantastic option for replenishing that volume and restoring some youthfulness to the skin. That’s why the Voluma services we offer in Minneapolis are so popular!


The Twin Cities Voluma Experts

Voluma is a great way to diminish lines and wrinkles with a quick set of injections. The results from this procedure generally last anywhere from eighteen months to two years, depending on the site of injection. In most cases, due to its unique formulation, Voluma is an excellent option for restoring volume back in the cheeks.

Our Minneapolis Voluma patients like this procedure because it offers them a quick and easy way to get noticeable and natural-looking results. If you are interested in finding out more about what Voluma can do to help you treat wrinkles and look a little more youthful, contact our offices to schedule a confidential consultation. We can discuss your options and begin on your transformation!

How Does Voluma in Minneapolis Work?

As with many other injectable options (such as Juvederm), Voluma is a hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler. Hyaluronic acid may sound a little intimidating, but it’s actually a compound that is found naturally in your body already. This makes Voluma very easy for your body to work with and a generally safe option for eliminating lines and wrinkles.

The hyaluronic acid-based filler does two basic jobs: first and foremost, Voluma takes up space. But it takes up space in a way that looks natural and rejuvenating. Your skin has its own unique kind of radiance—light passes through your skin but only to a certain degree. If the filler were to interfere with this normal radiance, your skin would look artificial. But Voluma is specially formulated to enhance your skin’s natural radiance. This means that the results will look quite natural.

The second thing that Voluma does is encourage your body’s own healing and rejuvenation processes. When Voluma is injected, the hyaluronic acid-based filler encourages your body’s own collagen to kick into high gear and helps give your skin some of that youthful radiance back.

Because of the size and makeup of the molecules that compose Voluma, this product is exceptionally good at restoring volume in the cheeks. In fact, lifting the apples of the cheeks is one of the most common requests from Voluma patients.

What Are the Benefits of Voluma?

As a particularly popular dermal filler, Voluma gets a lot of positive buzz. This buzz is not without merit. The benefits of Voluma often include the following:

  • Quick treatment time
  • Virtually no recovery needed
  • Voluma is able to address areas of the face other fillers cannot (such as the cheeks)
  • The results are visible almost instantly
  • Because the cheeks are not particularly mobile, Voluma can last a significant amount of time: between 18-24 months
  • Voluma is able to temporarily eliminate lines and wrinkles
  • By adding volume to the cheeks, Voluma is able to make patients look more youthful

The Voluma Procedure

One of the reasons why Voluma continues to be so popular is because the procedure is relatively quick and easy for the patient. During your initial consultation, you will discuss your desired final results and the best way to achieve them. If you and the medical staff agree that Voluma is the way to go, you may often be given the injection set immediately.

Patients may be asked to hold an ice pack against the area that will be injected. This helps numb the area to be treated and helps minimize bruising after the injection. In cases where a patient is particularly sensitive to discomfort, a topical numbing agent may be used instead. After a few minutes of ice application, the injections are made.

Most patients do not report any significant discomfort during injections beyond a simple “pinching” sensation. The injections themselves are administered relatively quickly.

Can Voluma Injections Be Reversed?

The vast majority of Voluma patients are happy with their results. However, in some uncommon cases, you might wish to reverse or revise your Voluma procedure rather than waiting for the filler to dissipate on its own in 12 to 24 months. In those cases, an injectable enzyme called hyaluronidase can be used to dissolve Voluma filler. If you feel too full or you’re just not pleased with your Voluma outcome, hyaluronidase can provide immediate relief.

Consultations are required for all Voluma dissolving procedures. Dissolving voluma can come with its own risks and costs, so this consultation is vital to weigh the pros and cons of your unique situation.

If you did not receive your original Voluma injection at Minneapolis Anti-Aging and Skin Clinic, there will be a $50 fee for your consultation. There will also be an additional fee for the hyaluronidase treatment.

Voluma Results and Recovery

You should notice the first results of your Voluma treatment almost immediately after the injection. The volume will be there. This makes patient input particularly useful in determining satisfaction with a Voluma treatment, as immediate adjustments can often be made.

Once your Voluma injections are complete, patients are usually advised to wait 24 hours before engaging in vigorous activity or putting too much pressure on the face. This gives the Voluma time to “set” in place. Bruising may appear shortly after your procedure, but that should diminish within 3-4 days after your injections (patients often use make-up to hide any bruising that may develop).

Because of its ease and effectiveness, our Minneapolis Voluma patients are commonly thrilled with their results. They often notice fewer wrinkles and lines and their faces look more youthful overall. Many patients remark on an uptick in confidence and self-esteem after their procedures—they feel a little more youthful because they look a little more youthful!

If you’re wondering what a Voluma treatment can do for you, contact the Minneapolis Anti-Aging and Skin Clinic to schedule a confidential and no-pressure consultation. We’ll answer all of your questions and help you decide on the best treatment to get your desired results. Contact us today to get started on your transformation.

Individual results may vary.


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