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Laser Hair Removal for Summer Fun (and Convenience)

The Convenience of Laser Hair Removal

It’s getting hot out there. August and September can be brutal in Minnesota, to say nothing of the hotter-than-average June and July we’ve just been through. In terms of wardrobe, hot weather usually leads to lighter fabrics and more skin: skirts, shorts, dresses, tank tops and so on.

All that exposed skin can make the need to shave or wax a little more persistent than other times of the year. (The nice thing about winter is that no one knows how hairy your legs might be under those snow pants!) And let’s be honest: shaving or waxing is not the most fun thing in the world.

In fact, they’re painful and they’re time consuming. Shaving takes forever. Waxing takes even longer (and hurts a lot more). And the worst part is that you’ve got to do it all over again in just a few weeks, if you’re lucky. This can be a frustrating cycle, especially in summer.

Laser Hair Removal is a fantastic solution to this problem. It’s a great way to be able to wear all the shorts and dresses you want without having to worry about the hair on your legs—ever again!

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

When you shave or wax, it can seem as though you are getting rid of the entire hair. Your skin feels smooth, after all. But a good percentage of the hair is actually located beneath the surface of the skin. That’s why it keeps growing back, much to our dismay.

Laser hair removal works by targeting the hair below the surface. The laser energy system targets the hair—the heat is absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicle, and then transferred to the general area of the root of the hair. Once the root is debilitated, the rate of hair growth is minimized to the point of being virtually non-existent.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Compare to Shaving or Waxing?

Put simply, laser hair removal can save you a ton of time over the long run. Each laser hair removal session generally lasts between 10-90 minutes, depending on the size of the treated area. And it usually takes somewhere between four to eight sessions (4-8 weeks apart) in order to get your complete results.

That’s because hair grows in cycles. Most people have three to four “flights” of hair that need to be treated before totally smooth results are achieved. When combine 4-8 sessions (over six weeks) at 10-90 minutes each, that’s anywhere between 40 and 720 minutes to get rid of your hair. That might seem like a lot.

However, when you compare that to the daily or weekly task of shaving and waxing, it’s easy to see how you end up saving time in the long run. Shaving your legs can take up to 15 minutes every time you do it! This means you end up saving time after just a few weeks. Not to mention the time you’ll save because you don’t have to deal with cuts and razor burn from having to rush through your shaving session.

Add to this the money you’ll save on razors, shaving cream, and other skin treatment products and it starts to become clear that Laser Hair Removal can definitely be a good deal in the long run. It’s so freeing!

Hard to Reach Places

It’s worth noting that laser hair removal isn’t just for the ladies. There are plenty of male patients who, as they age, develop some excess body hair in unsightly places (we are referring, of course, to hairy backs). Back hair can be incredibly difficult to remedy with a shaving razor, so it’s always nice when someone can take care of it for you.

Laser hair removal can work exceptionally well on back hair, allowing patients to get rid of that hair permanently. That means no more worrying about your back hair when you hit the beach!

The Freedom to Wear What You Want to Wear

You’ve got a lot of decisions to make in your life. And you’ve got a lot to do. People these days are busy! Laser Hair Removal makes your life a little bit easier because no longer will you have to worry about making sure your legs are shaved in order to wear the outfit you want to wear.

At the end of the day, you should feel comfortable in your skin and in your clothes. Its’ a bummer when you can’t wear the shorts or the dress you had in mind because it’s been too long since you’ve shaved—and you just don’t have time for it. So you end going to your second choice. The goal of Laser Hair Removal is letting you avoid that type of compromise.

Summer is a great time to think about this if only because we see so much skin. Thinking about underarms and hairy legs might not be the most fashionable conversation topic, but it’s important to account for the time and energy that goes into keeping the human body smooth.

Nature vs. Nurture

Think about it this way: your body wants to have hair. It’s designed to be hairy, naturally. (This hair serves a whole host of biological functions.) But we’ve more or less outgrown our need for that hair. Your body wants one thing and your brain wants another.

This means you spend a lot of time fighting your body to get the look you want. Every time you shave, the urban legend goes, your hair will come back fuller and fluffier. Laser Hair Removal sidesteps that entire process and gives you permanent reduction that results in your enjoyment for years to come.

To learn more about this procedure, please visit our Laser Hair Removal page or contact us to schedule a confidential consultation. During that consultation, we can discuss the best way to achieve your desired results and how long it might take to get there.


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