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Visia at Minneapolis Anti-Aging and Skin Clinic

Recommending the right treatment often means first gathering the correct information. All of our medical professionals at Minneapolis Anti-Aging and Skin Clinic depend on accurate information. Our brand new Visia Complexion Analysis system allows our medical professionals to gather data in all new ways, helping to ensure that your skin treatments are as effective as possible.

What is Visia and What Does it Do?

Visia is an integrated imaging system that uses a combination of high definition cameras, high accuracy photo filters, and comprehensive analysis to tell our help our staff spot potential problems with your skin.

This combination of comprehensive data and multi-point analysis helps us tailor treatment plans for each individual patient. The imaging software in the Visia system lets us see what’s happening beneath the surface of the skin, so we can treat problems before they’re visible to the naked eye. The images collected by Visia also work as an effective before-and-after photo set, so you can track your progress over time.

This new addition to the Minneapolis Skin Clinic technology stable can accomplish all this in a way that’s convenient and helpful to our patients, making Visia a vital part of any skincare visit.

How Does Visia Work?

For the patient, Visia analysis is a process that is easy and comfortable. The imaging device resembles a kind of futuristic photo booth. A patient will place his or her chin on the headrest and let the device do its thing. The capture module will then rotate around the patient’s head, taking images where necessary depending on what the system is tasked to do.

When Visia is used to take before and after photos, the capture module will simply take pictures of the left, right, and front of the face. The consistent lighting and framing of the face make it easy to detect the progress of your treatments and notice any changes in results. While this is useful for all treatment options, those that produce particularly subtle effects can be well served by these Visia photos.

But Visia’s capabilities are not limited to the surface of the skin. By using both IntelliFlash and Canfield RBX Technology, Visia is able to detect and measure skin conditions above and below the surface.

What Does Visia Analysis Detect?

The Visia Complexion Analysis System is capable of performing several different analysis types. The IntelliFlash system uses cross-polarized and UV lighting to gather data. The RBX Technology looks at color signature of red and brown in the skin in order to make assessments about health.

Combined, the analyses performed by Visia can detect:

  • Spots: Visia can detect spots that are difficult to see with the human eye, allowing those spots to be treated before they become a bigger problem.
  • Wrinkles: Additionally, Visia can detect wrinkles throughout the face, in various stages of formation.
  • Texture: Visia can make a comprehensive analysis of the texture of your skin. This doesn’t necessarily mean that Visia is looking for defects in that texture. Rather, the system gathers data to inform all of your treatment options.
  • Pores: Sometimes your pores can be difficult to see (in fact, that’s often how we like them). But that doesn’t mean it’s not important to know where they are. Visia can help our team spot pores accurately.
  • UV Spots: Ultraviolet radiation, absorbed through the skin, can cause long-term dermal damage. Visia is able to detect that damage before it becomes visible to the naked eye.
  • Brown spots: These brown spots can often hide beneath your skin. Visia can detect the hints of these spots, making them easier to treat.
  • Red Areas: When performing its analysis, Visia is also capable of spotting red areas that could be the signs of inflammation or other issues beneath the skin.
  • Porphyrins: Along with detecting pores, Visia can also detect the bacteria and detritus that gets caught in your pores. This can help the team at Minneapolis Anti-Aging and Skin Clinic recommend treatment options designed to cleanse pores and keep the skin healthy.

Benefits of Visia

Gathering this information used to be a slow and cumbersome process. With the latest hardware and software updates, Visia is able to capture and process this information faster than ever. This means that our staff can make more comprehensive decisions about how to maintain or improve your skin health. With Visia, we might be able to treat some problems before they even manifest.

Because all of this information is digital and easy to share, our team can communicate much more easily and clearly with our patients. Even better, all of the information is both highly relevant and personalized to our patients. This can help improve outcomes and satisfaction on the part of patients.

Developing Custom Treatment Options

Our Visia Complexion Analysis system is not our only means of developing treatment plans. When any patient visit Minneapolis Anti-Aging and Skin Clinic, we do our best to provide a robust consultation process. The Visia system grants us one more tool to use during those consultation.

Any information and analysis provided by the Visia system is approached in the context of the wishes and desires of the patient. Our staff at Minneapolis Skin Clinic will develop a customized treatment plan in order to help you achieve the best results possible.

Treatment plans are always guided by the possible results any patient wishes to achieve. If a patient’s ultimate goal is the removal of lines or the improvement of skin health, our team will develop a customized approach to help that patient achieve goals that are realistic. The Visia Complexion Analysis System gives us a wonderful diagnostic tool and an easy way to track your transformation.

If you want to schedule a confidential consultation and see what the Visia system might tell us about your skin, contact Minneapolis Anti-Aging and Skin Clinic today!


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