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Perhaps the most visible aspects of aging are those that present in our skin—wrinkles, age spots, frown lines, crow’s feet, even acne scars. This isn’t necessarily surprising, as wrinkles and pigment changes, for example, are basically synonymous with aging. But the more time you spend thinking about your skin, the more you realize how much work your epidermis does protecting you from the elements—harsh sunlight, blistering cold, sweltering heat, even cigarette smoke and splattered cooking oil. Our skin takes the brunt of all those forces and yet, still shows exceptional tenacity. So, after thinking about this, it becomes clear that the skin itself must have quite remarkable rejuvenation capabilities.

Leveraging Your Skin’s Healing Powers

But that doesn’t mean we want all that damage to show. In fact, if there’s some way to help the skin in its natural rejuvenation, we’ll probably take it. That’s where SkinPen comes in. SkinPen, also known as microneedling, is a procedure performed at Carillon Clinic which encourages your skin’s own rejuvenating powers to act when they normally might not. In essence, SkinPen tricks your skin into thinking that there’s been a minor injury—the kind of cut or scrape that might require a response from your body’s injury management system. This sets off a series of physiological reactions that leave you with tighter, more youthful looking skin.

SkinPen Stages

The first stage of this process, initiated by SkinPen treatment, is inflammation caused by the microneedles in the SkinPen handpiece. The SkinPen needles are precisely adjustable, so they can penetrate anywhere from 0.25mm – 2mm, depending on the skin thickness of the patient and the desired treatment outcome. For example, reduction of acne scarring would require deeper penetration of the needle, whereas fine lines or wrinkles would require less. By targeting the inflammation depth accurately with the adjustable needles, SkinPen offers the best possible results. During this process, SkinPen can also facilitate accurate delivery and absorption of collagen-stimulating, healing, discoloration-reducing, and irritation soothing solutions designed to promote rejuvenation and overall skin health, such as retinols, anti-oxidants, peptides, and vitamins.

The second stage of the SkinPen process is called Tissue Proliferation, during which your body’s natural healing processes are amplified by delivery of those growth and rejuvenation agents directly into the skin by the SkinPen microneedling. Actual tissue delivery is much more effective and at higher concentrations than any topical or oral administration can achieve. This is, generally, when your skin sees an increase in the production of collagen and tissue growth factors.

The third stage is known as remodeling, and is the stage at which you find your damaged, thinned, and discolored skin cells replaced by stronger dermal collagen matrices and new epithelial surface cells. The new collagen and elastic fibers contract during the healing process, reducing wrinkles, large pores, and producing a youthful, smoother look for you.

Radiant Results

Most patients who come to Carillon Clinic for SkinPen choose this procedure for several reasons. First and foremost, it gets results. Your skin will look more youthful, more radiant, tighter, and fuller. It’s an excellent nonsurgical, minimally-invasive way to give yourself that little boost of confidence that comes with looking in the mirror and seeing fewer wrinkles or scars on your face.

As a nonsurgical option, SkinPen requires virtually no down time. It’s a procedure that usually can be accomplished in as little as an hour or so, depending on the size of the area that will be treated. For most patients, there is only minimal discomfort and the treated area will heal completely in two or three days (though it’s worth noting that some patients will see a complete recovery in as little as twenty-four hours).

SkinPen is a versatile tool, allowing us to target diverse areas of the skin. In fact, many of our Minneapolis SkinPen patients aren’t exclusively interested in treating the face and instead choose to target the neck or other areas of the body.

Expert Experience for Excellence

Other microneedling options exist, including some rather dubious over-the-counter products. But while it’s nonsurgical, microneedling is also a procedure that depends on precision and skillful application to achieve optimal effects. You can only get that combination of requirements when you have access to the best technologies and a skilled provider. Carillon Clinic combines SkinPen with our years of experience to give you the best results possible.

Promoting Your Good Looks

In order to help spread the word about this popular procedure, Carillon Clinic is offering a free SkinPen treatment for the neck when you sign up for a SkinPen face package. While this provides up to $250 savings, the real benefit is that you as a patient get the whole package. Your neck, after all, is one the strongest and oft-neglected indicators of your age. Your neck often develops wrinkles and laxity long before the tissue on your face. By receiving the SkinPen treatment on both your face AND neck, you’re really getting a brand new look—a complete and comprehensive rejuvenation—that is more youthful, more radiant, and will leave you feeling great.

Schedule your own SkinPen treatment today—contact Carillon Clinic, Ltd. at 763-540-1837 (Golden Valley) or 763-494-9939 (Maple Grove).


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