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Some Procedures to Help You Survive the Winter

We’re well into December here at Carillon Minneapolis. Winter is a season we know all too well around these parts. That’s why it’s reasonable to assume that winter isn’t quite finished with us yet. In fact, if you go by the meteorological calendar, we’ve got at least two more full months of frigid temperatures and prolific snowfalls to get through.

That’s why we’re offering some procedures to help you survive the winter. As a season, winter presents many challenges, so these procedures cover a wide variety of potential issues. Our overall goal, though, is to keep you feeling energized, confidence, and youthful. We want you to come out of winter even better than you could have imagined.

So let’s talk about the specific procedures that can help you emerge from winter in great shape.

What’s So Bad About Winter?

First, however, it might help to think about winter itself. After all, winter is just another season, right? It’s three months out of the year that happen to be cold and snowy. That doesn’t sound comfortable, but it seems like you’d “survive” that just fine even without help.

Technically, that’s probably true. But winter (especially in harsher climates) can present special challenges that simply are not present in the more moderate seasons. Those challenges include:

  • Incredibly dry air: The humidity during winter months is incredibly low because all of the moisture that would otherwise be in the air is, well, frozen. Dry air can take a huge toll on your skin, causing it to crack and break in ways that are both aesthetically troubling and physically painful.
  • Wind chills: It’s not just the temperatures, it’s the wind. Cold temperatures combined with high winds give you wind chills (in other words, it feels colder to your skin than the simple air temperature would otherwise indicate). The wind has a way of being abrasive against your skin—it’s almost like it’s eroding your skin the same way it erodes rocks over millions of years. This can cause painful issues and various types of skin damage.
  • The darkness: I don’t mean to be poetic here, but the darkness of the winter months also has a profound impact on your mood and on your health. After all, exposure to sunlight is how your body naturally produces Vitamin D—a vitamin necessary to good moods and good health. With less sunlight, your mood and your health can both diminish.

To be sure, that’s not all that winter can throw at you. But it gives you an idea of what we have to put up with. Now, how do we fix it?

Procedures to Help You Survive Winter

There are several procedures available that are quite able to help you get through winter. Some of these procedures deal with the symptoms caused by winter, while others are more focused on treating the root causes. You’ll have to spend some time to determine what the best procedure for you will be based on your desired final results.

Some of those procedures include the following:

  • Vitamin Injections: The most commonly used vitamin injection is a Vitamin B12 injection, which improves your energy levels, immune system, and even your ability to get a good night’s sleep. But Carillon Minneapolis offers a few varieties of vitamin injections so you can make sure to get the boost you need. These injections can be accomplished in a matter of minutes, meaning there’s little interruption to your day and you can get back out there in almost no time! After all, you’ve got to take advantage of that sunlight while you can!
  • Dermal Fillers: Your skin can take quite the pounding during the winter months, leaving you with wrinkles and lines you’d never noticed before. When you start seeing those wrinkles and lines, a dermal filler (such as Juvederm or Voluma) might be able to help you look more youthful, especially if those lines and wrinkles are caused by loss of volume. A dermal filler injection can make you look more youthful and more radiant in short order, making them an exceptionally popular procedure pick around this time of year.
  • SkinPen: As we mentioned above, the winter weather can play havoc with your outermost layer of skin. That’s good, because it’s protecting you. But it can lead to many unwanted blemishes. One popular solution is a device called SkinPen. This procedure is able to gently remove the outermost layer of your skin, promoting your skin’s natural healing properties in the process. The end result is a kind of “resurfacing” for your face that leaves your skin looking younger and healthier.

Focus on What Works

Whatever procedure you think will help get you through the winter (and there are more, from chemical peels to massage therapy), it’s important to discuss your overall goals during your consultation. After all, the point of all of these procedures is to find something that works for you.

Winter can be particularly long and particularly tough. And sometimes it’s nice just to do something for yourself, to do something that will help you feel good. If you’re interested in finding a procedure that will help you to feel excited to look in the mirror again, contact Carillon Minneapolis to schedule an appointment.

After all, there’s nothing that says you have to deal with the trials and tribulations of winter alone. And, yes, spring is just a few months away—but there’s no reason you should have to suffer for those two months. Contact us today to get started on your winter relief!


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