Vitamin B12 Injections in Minneapolis Have Exceptional Benefits

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Vitamin B12 Injections Have Many Benefits

The Human Machine

The human body is often described in metaphorical terms as a machine–an engine, for example. But a more accurate illustration would be to think of your body instead as many machines—each performing a function necessary to your continued health. Some of these machines require only minimal maintenance and can mostly function on autopilot. Other machines, however, require more nuanced, calculated, and targeted care to ensure optimum performance. At Carillon Clinic, we offer an assortment of services designed to, in essence, perform premium maintenance on all those human body machines that most impact how you look and feel.

Get Your Oil Changed

One of those services that we have found has broad applications in this regard is something called a Vitamin B12 injection. In many ways, vitamins and minerals are important components in the “maintenance” discussed above. They’re like the oil in an oil change. Of course, your daily life and physical predisposition doesn’t always allow your bodies to get all of the nutrients it might need. We all have very different diets and very different lifestyles, so this can complicate your body’s ability to get the vitamins and minerals that keep everything running smoothly.

Energize Your Battery

This is why the B12 Injections available at Carillon Clinic are exceptionally popular. B12 is a vitamin that has a broad impact on your overall wellbeing. Most water-soluble vitamins quickly exit the body when you urinate, but B12 can stick around both in fatty tissues and in the liver. This is probably a good thing, as B12 plays a role in the function of your nervous system and in the reproduction of your red blood cells. In fact, it’s in those red blood cells that B12 really gets to work, assisting in cell metabolism, helping to break down protein and carbs that, in turn, power your daily life.

Augmenting a Natural Process

B12’s drawback, unfortunately, is that the absorption process is quite complicated, which means that even though this vitamin is easily accessible in meats and proteins, your body isn’t always absorbing it with great efficiency. Therefore, an injection of B12 allows you to get an extra boost of this vitamin in a more direct, efficient, and effective way.

Benefits of B12

Some of the reasons people come to Carillon Clinic for B12 injections include:

  • Increased energy: Stimulants such as caffeine and sugar bring with them inevitable crashes, as those substances basically function as short term jump starts. B12, on the other hand, works in a long term way, helping energize your blood cells so that they, in turn, can keep producing energy for you. Sure, there are athletes who swear by B12, claiming it increases endurance dramatically—and that may happen, but a B12 injection isn’t going to suddenly give you super powers. That said, if you find yourself chronically fatigued, this injection may help boost your overall energy.
  • Better sleep: Of course, if you’re having trouble sleeping, your fatigue may stem simply from that. By influencing the levels of melatonin—the chemical which informs your brain when it’s time to hit the hay—in your system, B12 can actually help some patients sleep better at night. Now, if melatonin sounds familiar, that’s because you can actually pick it up in most grocery stores as a sleep aid. As with any sleep aid, there is some evidence to suggest melatonin, if taken continuously, can actually interfere with your body’s natural processes when it comes to sleep. Vitamin B12 injections work in a more behind-the-scenes kind of way, giving your body the means to produce those chemicals naturally instead. When you sleep better at night, you wake up more energized—which, in turn, makes it easier to sleep well at night.
  • Less Depression: Melatonin not only regulates sleep, but it can have a direct impact on mood. As such, lack of melatonin production in the body has been linked to depression. Many patients who receive B12 injections—and a corollary jump in melatonin production—sometimes notice an improvement in mood after treatments. Better sleep and more energy can also help fight the symptoms of depression.

At this point, it might have occurred to you that increased energy, better sleep, and better moods are all inextricably linked. It’s entirely possible that B12 injections help in creating a kind of positive feedback loop that helps reinforce its own immediate positive impacts. By augmenting your body’s natural processes, B12 injections are able to tap into those naturally positive effects and amplify them to your benefit.

Get Your Natural Beauty Professionally

Because it’s a vitamin that is typically found in the human body, allergies to B12 injections are exceptionally rare. Additionally, most patients find the injections themselves relatively painless. That doesn’t mean that you should trust those injections to just anyone. As with any procedure or injection, there are potential complications that our highly trained staff at Carillon Clinic are trained to be on the lookout for, no matter how rare they may be.

In the end, there’s a lot to like about B12 Injections, and it’s easy to see why they’re so popular. So, if you’re looking for something that will give you a little extra boost in your energy level, something that will leave you feeling, perhaps, a little sunnier when it’s all said and done, come in and talk to us about Vitamin B12 Injections in Minneapolis today.

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