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Kybella for Millennials?

What is the Best Way to Get Rid of a Double Chin?

Among those aspects of anatomy that many people tend to dislike, especially on themselves, is the double chin. The dislike is understandable: the development of fat around the chin can make the jawline look soft, aged, and, in some cases, unattractive—especially in a society that valorizes athleticism, fitness, and health. For these reasons, patients tend to feel quite uncomfortable about any “double-chin” developments. Even more troubling for those patients: diet and exercise are often only minimally effective in eliminating that double chin. That’s why the recent announcement about and proliferation of Kybella is such a big deal.

For many patients, liposuction has historically been the only way to treat stubborn areas of fat, including fat around the chin (known medically as submental fat). The introduction of Kybella, however, offers patients the ability to achieve effects without the need for surgery or the associated recovery. With a few simple injections, Kybella is able to, essentially, make fat disappear. It’s not magic, of course; Kybella is formulated to break down the walls of fat cells, which are then absorbed into the body. This breakdown of fat cells happens on a molecular level, unnoticed by the patient and within a few weeks, the “double chin” is gone! This makes Kybella an incredibly appealing option.

Kybella for a Younger Crowd

Sometimes when we think about cosmetic procedures, we’re surprised to learn those procedures can be exceptionally popular with younger patients. We saw this first with procedures such as Botox or dermal filler injections, each of which have been shown to prevent wrinkles as well as they mitigate them. That’s why it maybe shouldn’t be a big surprise that younger audiences—and Millennials in particular—are going for Kybella in a big way.

The appeal, for Millennials, is due to several factors. First and foremost, Kybella accomplishes something that going to the gym, no matter how often you do it, can’t. Neither diet nor exercise are able to target areas for fat loss. If you leave it to nature, your body simply loses that fat where and in what quantities come normally. Kybella allows a patient to target a specific area of the body and lose weight in that area. It’s true that, for now, that area is limited to the jawline, but that’s still a significant target for many patients.

Kybella Does What Diet and Exercise Cannot

There is also significant pressure on the young to stay youthful. Most Millennials seem quite aware of how much leverage youth gives them, at least on some level. So it seems natural that one would want to stay youthful-looking. Submental fat, however, can make the face appear older and less fit, and there’s not much to be done about it through diet and exercise. Kybella, however, offers Millennials the chance to preserve their youthful look with just a few injections.

Kybella is able to do this because of the way it’s formulated. Essentially, Kybella is an exact duplicate of molecules that already exist in your body—molecules that are designed to break down fat. By introducing these molecules into the chin area, the rate of fat breakdown accelerates, which results in the patient losing fat. Any fat that’s broken down is absorbed into the body, but the chin itself sees the extra fat “melt” away.

In other words, areas injected with Kybella tend to shed excess fat. This process takes a number of weeks, and it does not work equally well on everybody. For example, some “double chins” are actually composed of excess skin, and Kybella is not able to address this. However, for the vast majority of patients, Kybella works exceptionally well in eliminating the double chin.

Kybella Helps a Wide Variety of Patients

Of course, Kybella isn’t designed with only Millennials in mind, nor will it appeal exclusively to that age group. Submental fat is a relatively wide ranging phenomenon, meaning that many patients, over time, notice the appearance of a double chin. But double chins are also typically unwelcome, whether you’re 18, 48, or 88. Kybella offers patients the ability to eliminate that double chin without the need for surgery, and that’s why it’s so popular among such a wide variety of patients.

If you’re interested in finding out what Kybella can do for you and how it can help your chin look a little more svelte, contact us to schedule a confidential consultation. We’ll discuss how the procedure works and the best way to achieve your desired results. Your transformation could be just around the corner!


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