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Discover Injected Vitamins for Winter Relief

The worst part about winter isn’t necessarily the weather, though we aren’t huge fans of sub-zero wind chills. Instead, the complaint we hear more often is about health: the bombardment of colds, flus, and other seasonal illnesses that take the wind out of our sales and make winter, well, miserable. That’s why Carillon Minneapolis offers injected vitamins for winter relief by boosting your immune system.

It’s a common misconception that cold weather causes you to get sick. While it’s true that instances of illnesses tend to go up in the winter, it’s mostly because people tend to spend more time indoors and germs are more easily transmitted in that setting. Is there anything you can do to help protect yourself from the onslaught of germs?

To a certain degree, yes. One of the best ways to keep your shields up during the winter months is to make sure your immune system is working like a well oiled machine. And one way to do get relief this winter is by getting a vitamin injection from Carillon Minneapolis.

How Do Vitamin Injections Boost Your Immune System?

To be sure, there’s no way to guarantee that you won’t catch a cold or the flu this winter—even if you do get your regular flu shot. However, boosting your immune system a bit can help you fight off any germs that might come your way. You might be wondering how that works.

Well, your immune system relies a full compliment of vitamins and minerals in order to do its job well. Because every human body is different, Carillon Minneapolis offers several different vitamin types available for injection.

  • Vitamin B12: There are several ways that Vitamin B12 can help your immune system function more efficiently. First and foremost, Vitamin B12 can give you extra energy. This means your body burns more energy during the day, allowing you to sleep better at night; the better you sleep, the more efficiently your immune system functions. Vitamin B12 injections can also help your body cope more efficiently with stress, and stress has a way of compromising your immune system over time. The more efficiently your body deals with stress, the better your immune system will be able to function.
  • Vitamin D: There are many sources of Vitamin D in your life, but in the winter one of those primary sources can seem to go into hibernation: the sun. When your skin is exposed to sunlight, it produces Vitamin D. The days get shorter in the winter, so without a supplemental source, you end up getting less vitamin D. This can compromise your immune system, as Vitamin D is an essential component of your immune system. Ensuring you get enough Vitamin D can help improve your overall mood and even help support a healthy heart and lungs.
  • Vitamin C: There’s no doubt that Vitamin C is one of the most well known vitamins out there. There are many sources of Vitamin C, including from fruits and vegetables (or juices such as orange juice). But Vitamin C has an exceptional amount of benefits, and one of those benefits is providing a substantial boost to the immune system. In fact, healthy doses of Vitamin C can actually help protect your body from some immunodeficiency issues. That’s not the only benefit, of course: Vitamin C can help promote iron absorption and even help prevent skin wrinkling.

There are significant benefits to these three Vitamin injections, benefits that can help amp up your immune system and keep you feeling great throughout the winter. It should be noted, however, that many patients seek out these injections because of benefits unrelated to the immune system. In other words, vitamin injections have many benefits.These vitamin injections can also be combined with many of the other services available at Carillon.

To find out which benefits might work best for you and your condition of concern, contact Carillon Minneapolis to schedule a consultation to discuss the best treatment!

Why Get Your Vitamins as an Injection?

There are several ways to get your vitamins these days, and it’s usually a short trip to the supermarket to get a bottle of multivitamins in pill form. But there are some unique advantages to injections that make them a preferred option for many patients.

First and foremost, multivitamins (or any vitamin in pill form) will take time to build up in your system. Somewhat counter-intuitively, swallowing vitamins in pill form is a somewhat inefficient way to deliver those vitamins to your body. After all, everybody digests at slightly different rates.

Contrary to pill form, vitamins in the form of injections offer several concrete benefits:

  • The dosage can be very effectively controlled. When you’re taking vitamins in pill form, for example, you might forget to take a pill one day. There are a lot of variables. With a vitamin injection, you can get the dosage you require with maximum control.
  • Injections offer you the ability for more powerful dosages. You can only swallow so many milligrams of vitamin B12 at once! But with injections, you can get more powerful dosages (and thus, more powerful effects).
  • Inejctions offer faster results. When you need vitamins to improve your mood or your immune system, you want those results as quickly as possible. Injectable vitamins are often able to do that (in many cases because they’re water soluble, so they break down in your body quite quickly).

If you like the results from your vitamin injection, you can keep coming back so those results can be extended.

A Great Way to Beat the Winter Blues

Winter has a lot of things going for it—and we’ll be honest, in Minnesota we kind of love the winter. But that doesn’t mean we enjoy every aspect. We don’t enjoy the endless gray skies (we miss the sun after a while) and we don’t enjoy the flu. But vitamin injections offer us ways to keep our chin up, to make sure our bodies keep working well even when the weather is aligned against us.

To find out what a vitamin injection for winter relief can do for you—how it can improve your immune system—contact Carillon Minneapolis. We’ll be able to answer all of your vitamin injection questions!


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